Setup of Windows Virtual Machines

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  • Do not use Windows Enterprise because this edition does not get patched and upgraded like normal Windows does.
  • To enable Remote Desktop, you need to go into Control Panel in the VM and enable Remote Desktop. Remote Assistance can be disabled.
  • When using RDP to connect to a VM to specify no domain, enter the user name as “\phil”.
  • Create a HOME environment variable at C:\Users\phil or similar. Cygwin will use this as your home directory.

Install Cygwin, dotfiles and Chocolatey apps

We need to install Cygwin first in order to get Git. Run this from an elevated command prompt (not ConEmu) to install all my Cygwin tools:

@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))"

Then create a directory ~/repos and install my dotfiles:

git clone
cd dotfiles

See Emacs\EditWith.reg and the script in the PowerShell folder to install Visual Studio snippets.

From an elevated command prompt


This will install chocolatey itself, and a large list of programs. To upgrade all chocolatey apps, do

choco upgrade all -y

Chocolatey installs most apps into Program Files normally, but a large proportion are put in C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\bin. This folder should get added to your path, but if it isn’t use the PathEditor.exe program to do so.

Optional Post-Installation Steps

  • Profile is at: %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows. Open your Windows Start Menu folder and create shortcuts to the apps that you will be using frequently. This makes them available by searching by pressing the “Win” key.
  • PATH The chocolatey setup installs a utility called PathEditor.exe which you can use to adjust the path. It is in the bin folder mentioned above.
  • Fonts Download fonts from and install them all (search for ttf in the unzipped folder).

Commands for Debugging TCP in Windows

nbtstat -n
route print
route delete
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns

To reset TCP/IP :

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
netsh winsock reset  c:\winsock.txt

Then reboot.

Check if these services are started and set to automatic.

DHCP Client
DNS Client
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
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